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WPG's Divorce Smart program provides individuals, couples, mediators, and attorneys with financial expertise during divorce. With advanced training in all financial aspects of divorce including pension valuation, marital vs. separate property, and tax optimization of settlements, we can help craft creative settlement solutions that make financial sense for both parties. Get divorce financial planning expertise when you need it most.

Dispute Resolution Options

Client's role in decision making becomes less direct...
...process becomes more expensive


Low Cost
Client Driven
Interest Based
Outcome Decided By Client
Certainty of Result
Settle Quickly


Court Driven
Position Based
Outcome Decided By Judge
Result Uncertain
Trial Scheduled From 1-2 Years

Change might be tough...<br/>but so are you.

Change might be tough...
but so are you.

Divorce can be an emotionally and financially challenging life event. In the face of the many possible adjustments divorce entails, things may be overlooked.

The most important task you can do is get your finances organized. From a financial perspective, divorce means taking all the income previously used to run one household and stretching it out over two residences, two utility bills, two grocery lists, etc. There are other hidden costs as well, such as counseling for you or your children. Divorces also may require incurring one-time fees, such as a security deposit on a rental property, moving costs, or increased child care.

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